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All women with the “hunter” gene are diabetic during pregnancy.  Such women should  be very careful of their diet during pregnancy.  This temporary state of  diabetes is necessary to protect the fetus.  Otherwise when they turn off the hormones the same (similar?) hormones produced by the placenta for the fetus would be effected and the baby would die.  I have posted on the gestational diabetes Forum of asking for women to post if they get gestational diabetes but have the "normal" sugar processing and also women with the "hunter" gene to post which do not get gestational diabetes.   I have had over 2700 looks and  one person (steroids?) has indicated they are not a "hunter" gene person but they get gestational diabetes.    

  Whether people with the “hunter” gene will get diabetes is highly correlated to their heritage.    If their ancestors almost always ate a diet which was low in sugar/starch/alcohol then they will almost surely become diabetic in our society.   If they come from societies where there were times when a lot of sugar/starch/alcohol was available and times when there were famines then they would often not get diabetes even if they eat a lot of sugar/starch/alcohol. 

 Since type 2 diabetes is probably hormones gone wild then controlling these hormones is a treatment which may have less side effects than the present treatment

I comment that I know of 5 "hunter" gene people with reactive hypoglycemia who control their problem with diet.

I comment that I have been on an Atkins style diet for over 12 years.  My blood fats fine until last readings (cholesterol 245 mg/dL, HDL 56 mg/dl, LDL 173.2 mg/dL, TRIGLYCERIDES 79 mg/dL while fasting), circulation fine, blood pressure improved etc.). 

 I ask the question we were hunter gathers before we started farming.   Is it surprising we survive nicely with no grain and/or fruits etc..

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